Planning your Wedding Music

In my experience, many couples aren’t quite sure how a wedding day would usually flow, which makes planning their wedding quite daunting.  Please see below for more details on each of the various sessions in a typical wedding, as well as details on how a sax performance could really make your day!  Feel free to get in touch in you have any questions.


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Arrival Drinks:

Guests usually begin arriving at the venue around an hour before the ceremony, and congregate in the bar, garden or lawn area.  A sax performance during this time is ideal to set the mood for the day, adding a special touch from the very start of the day and keeping the guests entertained until the venue staff lead them away to be seated for the ceremony.


Wedding Ceremony:

A wedding ceremony performance includes a few songs whilst the guests are taking their seats (before the ceremony actually starts), followed by music for the entrance of the bridal party, the signing of the register and the couple’s exit at the end.  A wedding ceremony tends to last about 30 minutes.


Drinks Reception:

This is when the drinks flow, canapés (nibbles!) are served and your photographer takes the main photos.  Not all the guests are in every photo (many are only in one or two) and so it’s great to have some sort of entertainment to fill this time.  If your drinks reception is due to be 90 minutes then I recommend a one hour set, as this allows time for the ceremony to overrun a little, and for the venue staff to lead your guests into the dining room in time for their meal.  If your drinks reception is due to be two hours then I recommend 2x45 minute sets, and I would also provide suitable recorded background music through my sound system whilst I’m taking a short break in the middle.


Wedding Breakfast:

This is the main meal of the day, and I can provide classy background music (ballads, love songs, jazz, swing, etc.) whilst you and your guests are enjoying it!  I can even play a song for your entrance, leading you round the room to your table with your guests clapping and cheering you all the way!  Depending on space, I tend to walk between the tables, serenading, posing for photos and giving your guests a wonderful, personal experience, and kids particularly love having something to watch (it’s a long time to sit still!).  Some wedding breakfasts are very relaxed whereas others can get quite rowdy, and I’m happy to go with the flow, either way!  Most last for around two hours so I tend to recommend the 2x45s option, however if you’re having a cream tea, single course buffet or something similar then a one hour set would usually be perfect.



In the evening I can play alongside a DJ, live band or my Sax-DJ-Percussion trio to really bring the party!  This can include your first dance as well, and I'm totally comfortable performing nearly any style of music!