Studio Sessions

I am available to hire for studio sessions and am willing to travel to wherever I'm needed.  Whether you're a writer, producer, solo artist or band, adding a bit of sax will make your work stand out from the crowd!  Please contact me for a quote, giving as many details as possible.  I am also more than happy to recommend producers, engineers and other musicians if you need help with developing your project further.


I am also able to offer recording sessions over the internet which cuts out travel expenses and other costs.  All I need is a guide track (which should ideally be as complete as possible) with some sort of instruction as to what you'd like me to play.  This can be anything from a few rough ideas right through to a completely notated sax part, depending on how much control you'd like over the finished product.  It can also be useful to receive a short list of example tracks or influences that you'd like me to listen to (perhaps YouTube or Spotify links) as this helps me to get a better sense of the kind of playing style that you're after.